3D printing standalone installation in the Daily Future exhibition.

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Fablogica in collaboration with Joris van Tubergen developed an interactive standalone 3D printing installation, inside of the exhibition Daily future from Alicia Framis at the Rabobank headquarters.

Printing a scream cup at the opening

The concept of screaming room from Alicia needed a technological development to make an interactive installation that converts screams made by the audience into 3D printed cups made of bioplastic (PLA).

For this development has been used an Ultimaker for printing the object, Python and  Blender for creating the models and processing the sound sample, controlling the printer and an external hardware, a relay board connceted to the Ultimaker(controlled by G commands). Skeinforge and Printrun to convert the files from STL to GCODE and send the jobs to the printer.

The main idea is that the whole system works standalone and autonomously without the assistance of an operator, the audience can just record their voices at the screaming room and wait about 17 minutes to get their unique and personal cups.

Photo by Aafke CC-by-nd

For us was a great opportunity to experiment with this technologies and to use the Ultimaker in an autonomous operation. Of course we are making some small fixes time to time(that we will publish once the installation is finished), but we can say that the system is working pretty well having into account the experimental and intensive use, the friends from the Kunst zone are informing that about 8 or more are being made daily depending the number of visitors.

The installation will run for 4 months more.

Some press and related:[csuccess]=true#feedback 



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