Fablogica | Logistics for creative applications
Logistics for creative fabrications

Fablogica provides technological support for prototyping, product design and manufacturing. Whether you are starting a new concept idea or your existing product requires a specific innovation, our team will gladly assist you: studying the available solutions, selecting the proper tools and implementing the desired approach.

  • Project viability
  • Project planning
  • Case study
  • Research and development
  • Innovation
  • Experimentation
  • Embedded systems
  • Data visualization
  • User interaction
Software/hardware solutions at the service of innovation and creativity
Embedded electronics

  • Systems integration.
  • Hardware solution design.
  • Parts and manufacturing sourcing.
  • Application Development Workshops.
Software development

  • Device firmware.
  • Communication protocols
  • UI/UX design.
  • Host applications.
We use suitable and standard technologies


We work on:

Software for additive manufacturing and 3D printing:

Fablogica develops custom software applications for manufacturing: rendering/visualization and solid or surface 3D modeling implementations. We use a web server-client scheme that allows to offer solutions that runs in every device, mobile or desktop and it’s easily deployable.

Testing and automation development

Fablogica develops systems automation for product/process testing, making it easier and less time consuming to plan experiments, logging all the necessary data for posterior analysis and visualizations.

Embedded systems design:

If your product development requires electronics systems Fablogica offers custom developments of embedded technologies: radio communication, sensors, MEMS, servomechanisms control, etc. We consider caveats such as C.E marking safety rules and mass production scalability in the design.

Our customer's satisfaction, the best guarantee


Janne Kyttanen - Venture capital fund

“The services are rock solid. I’ve worked with Fablogica on several projects and the out of the box thinking and delivery on the projects has always been spot on.”

Peter Hermans - 3D Systems

“Fablogica has been developing applications oriented to 3D printing and additive manufacturing for years on time and within budget, they know how to prioritize and went above and beyond to get the details right. Highly recommended”

Carl De Smet - Noumenon

“Fablogica has assisted Noumenon for the last years, where successfully demonstrated the research and developing skills, being passionate, engaged and eager to take on new challenges.

Francisco Polo - Otus

“Fablogica me proporcionó la consultoría que necesitaba, sus servicios son de calidad y profesionalidad con un alto grado de implicación, su experiencía abarca varios procesos en I+D suponiendo un gran apoyo para el desarrollo de productos.


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