Fablogica | The technology is in the mold.


25 May / The technology is in the mold.

When manufacturing a mold that allows the user to manufacture it’s own small batch several considerations must be taken into account, in order to make the process as easy, fast and clean as possible. We introduce technology directly in the mold for keeping the user experience great.

Sometimes it depends on which material you want to inject into the mold, as for example in the case of ABS traditionally in the industry you need high pressure pneumatic injectors, that’s usually not suitable for an end consumer, so in that case we manufacture molds that contains heaters inside the walls, that allows the ABS to keeps it’s temperature inside the mold, reducing the desired pressure.

In case of using resins the user must be able to inject the substance using a syringe or similar tool that contains exactly the same volume needed to fill the mold. That simplifies the process of filling as the user does not have to care about for example an overflow.

Our software allows to generate automatically the geometries related to the air vents and spouts, allowing the objects to be casted properly.

Finally the molds that are composed by several modules, each element can be assembled by fasteners allowing the mold to be closed hermetically.



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